A healthy way of life
Tony & Jen's

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Tony & Jen's

A healthy way of life

January - April 2017

Tasty food that’s good for you - that’s a concept that we can get onboard with at Clearbox. 

Two people who are leading the tasty food revolution in Northern Ireland are Tony O’Neill and Jenny Curran, the bosses behind one of Belfast’s top modern eateries, Tony & Jen’s. 

The couple launched their business in 2016 as a pop-up and after critical acclaim and praise from diners, decided to make it a permanent venture. Once the buzz of their launch started to subside, they approached us to help them keep the momentum going. 

Our brief was to engage diners across Belfast aged 18 - 30. The exciting part was the demographic - that they didn’t HAVE to be into healthy food, but they had to be willing to give it a go. 

An understanding of where these audiences consumed their media helped us plan a campaign that combined print and digital communications to showcase the food, the restaurant and, its main selling point in our opinion, Tony and Jen. 

Working with the talented couple, we created a three month campaign to raise the profile of them personally and their business, underpinned by their story and their mission to help people eat better, more often. 

The result was a tasty tonne of press coverage in national and regional titles as well as a digital content campaign involving pictures and videos, created by the Clearbox team. The combination of traditional and digital communications hit all of Tony and Jen’s audiences and raised awareness of them and their food. 

We’re happy to report that our campaign helped the restaurant get off to a cracking start to the year and it’s been packed out ever since.