Rewarding safer driving

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Rewarding safer driving

Summer 2017

We have a really cool client called who, not only helps reduce the cost of insurance for young people in Ireland, but is also actively helping to promote road safety on Irish roads. Its product is a little black box that is fitted in the car which monitors driving data in realtime and rewards good drivers by reducing premiums. 

Following a 15% increase in the number of deaths on Irish roads last year, the client wanted to find a fun and engaging way to communicate the very real dangers of driving on Ireland’s roads. We created an online game that would not only give away weekly prizes such as Nando’s vouchers and concert tickets, but would communicate the very real statistics from the Road Safety Authority’s annual reports.

Players are challenged to drive on a virtual road for as long as possible with one point being awarded for every second of driving. The difficulty of play changes frequently through real-life driving scenarios such as changing weather conditions and hazardous objects. 

We had a lot of fun brainstorming the characters who would star in the game - Justin Beeper, Connor McRevver and Ed Steerin feature are some of our favourites although Skid Vicious seems to be a hit with players. 

So far, the game has been played more than 44k times, encouraged by blanket media coverage (reach of 22.6m) with national, trade and regional media praising the brand’s innovative approach to raising awareness of road safety.